Sunday June 23, 2024

How to Get Noticed by Employers Offering Legal Jobs

It is easy getting noticed by employers and when you are using the major job search boards, you may be offset by the marked lack of response. If you posted your resume and have not received feedback from the employers or placement agencies, perhaps you need to improve your odds. A Harrison Barnes the owner […]

How to get your Dream Job in Less than a Minute

Everyday hundreds of men look for jobs on job boards. Either they are unemployed or are in a job that they are not satisfied with and wish to move out. And then there are some who fear they might lose the job due to recession and layoffs. It is the worst experience of a person’s […]

How to find a job in the fashion industry during recession?

Fashion industry may seem to be very glamorous. The recent recession has however not even spared this sector. The new aspiring models are finding it more difficult to get into the fashion industry, even those who are in the industry since a long time, are apprehending job-loss. The leading fashion brands are also providing heavy […]

Different Ways of Recruiting

Recruitment refers to a process where by the most qualified and able candidates are screened and selected to fill vacant position in an organization. In the current times, there have emerged different types of recruitment processes. Staffing Outsourcing One of the most common trends in the recruitment process can be said to be the process […]