Sunday July 21, 2024

Judicial Clerkships and Why Recent Law Graduates Should Consider Them

Ask A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder of the best way to gain experience out of law school, and odds are, he’ll tell you a judicial clerkship is the way to go.  They’re both prestigious and competitive – and perfect for recent law grads.  These positions last usually no more than twenty four months, […]

What does an Entertainment Lawyer do?

The entertainment law refers to a whole realm of traditional categories of law pertaining to the legal aspects governing the entertainment industry. The field of entertainment law, encompasses other fields as well like that of the bankruptcy law, intellectual property rights, securities law, employment law and labor law, insurance and international laws. Most of the […]

Veterinary Malpractice Lawsuits

One of the biggest issues for the veterinarians is the issue of malpractice lawsuits. The veterinary malpractice lawsuits are filed on the basis of the cases pertaining to negligent treatment of the animals. A veterinarian is said to have committed malpractice, if he fails to provide necessary standards of care to the ailing animals. In […]

A Paralegal Associate Career

Paralegals are also known as legal assistants. They are the people who assist lawyers or attorneys to provide legal services to the clients; they work under the guidance of the lawyers. Legal assistants work in legal companies, with the government, in corporations and other legal practice environments. The legal assistant field is growing in an […]