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The entertainment law refers to a whole realm of traditional categories of law pertaining to the legal aspects governing the entertainment industry. The field of entertainment law, encompasses other fields as well like that of the bankruptcy law, intellectual property rights, securities law, employment law and labor law, insurance and international laws. Most of the entertainment law practice is based on transactions such as mediation, arbitration, drafting of contracts and negotiation.

Entertainment law refers to a wide range of techniques, case laws, strategies says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of The wide arena that this law covers are multimedia, film, television, radio, music, publishing, visual arts and design.

The lawyers in the field of entertainment law, accompanies their clients to the courts during the court trials and proceedings. Often the negotiators head outside business, take up responsibilities when the clients are embroiled in media controversy, or set up charitable institutions. In order to represent negotiations in the contract the entertainers hire agents or lawyers who are aware of the clauses and nuances stated in the contract. The lawyers are qualified and professional enough to study those clauses and details embodied in the contract. These lawyers are called financial negotiators. The media personalities who often find themselves drawn into controversy of some kind or trouble, can seek help from an entertainment lawyer to come out of the situation says A. Harrison Barnes. The time when the media onslaughts hits, the lawyer speaks on behalf of the person who is in trouble. The media personalities often get into social services and charitable works. Professional legal help may be necessary for laying foundations of these charitable organizations. The prospective ramifications can also be handled by entertainment lawyers. The attorneys assist the media personalities to decide about the kind of charity that will be better to get involved into.

The entertainment attorneys, who specialize in the field of music, can handle wide range of legal issues. The duties and responsibilities of an entertainment lawyer who specializes in the field of music are stated below by A. Harrison Barnes:

Preparing drafts or negotiating with record label contracts. Preparation of drafts or negotiations for live concerts. Drafting or negotiating for session musicians, managers, studios, promoters and agents. Distribution of contracts that have been drafted or negotiated. Copyright protection. Cases filled for the protection of intellectual property rights. Preparing drafts or conciliation for music publishing contracts.

There are many companies out there in the market, who would want to use a media personality or sportsperson for expanding their business says A. Harrison Barnes. In this case the media person or the athlete involves a lawyer to deal with questions such as the worth of the personality in the service, his position in the decision making process and whether he should be performing in the advertisement or not. The entertainment lawyer can handle these negotiations far better than that of the sports person or media personality. With the changes in the entertainment industry, the lawyers apart from negotiations play an even more vital role by assisting these media persons and people from the world of sports in making trivial decisions. The entertainment lawyers are paid on an hourly basis. The amount charged by these attorneys, generally varies according to his qualifications and work experience. The rates are predetermined on the basis of whether he is self employed, or working on behalf of a Legal Firm. Some of them are commissioned if they are skilled at making negotiations.

A retainer is said to be a monthly fee that is credited against the final fee or it is a flat fee encompassing all services says A. Harrison Barnes. Value billing refers to a process when the entire dealing has come to an end. The entertainment lawyer may ask for fees on the basis of the deal size and his contribution towards it. To illustrate this, if the attorney had a minor role to play in the entire dealing process, or simply wrote the contract, he can charge an hourly fee. Again if, the entertainment lawyer is responsible for the creation or shaping of the deal from the very beginning, he may charge a lump sum says A. Harrison Barnes. Before hiring an attorney, it is a good idea to gather knowledge about their present market rates, so that you can be prepared. You will also get idea about the costs of the long distance phone calls, photocopies, messengers, faxes etc.

Like many other attorneys, the entertainment lawyers are required to pass the Bar Examination before practicing. Apart from this they also should specialize in a particular field of entertainment law like music.

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