Sunday June 23, 2024

The Sweet Side of Leaving the Legal Profession

With shocking news coming down this week regarding the potential loss of more than 17,500 jobs in Big Law firms, it appears one woman has cut her losses and left behind her law degree for the opportunity to hit it big with America’s sweet side. Even better, her risk has paid off as quickly as […]

Fighting the Good Fight

We all want equality in the workplace. We want to know our value is based on our ability to perform our job duties well and not so much on how pretty we are or how we look after our workout at the gym each day. Fortunately, there are laws that agree and lawyers who stand […]

The Legal Profession: Is it for you?

Legal profession helps you gain prestige, wealth and the chance to perform intellectually challenging, interesting and exciting job. But you need to know that just gaining a Jurist doctor (J. D) degree is not enough, you also need to know as well as understand the lifestyle that the professionals in the legal industry lead and […]

Legal Jobs and Legal Ethics

Corporate discipline is something that every lawyer must adhere to. Every lawyer must take care of the dignity and prestige associated with the task of advocacy. Every attorney must adhere to the code of conduct for carrying out their legal activities efficiently. Lawyers’ ethics may sound amusing to many of us, but it must be […]

How to be Happy and Contented in a Legal Job

Today, attorneys work tremendously hard to reach their goals. They go to the extent of giving up their personal lives just to have a successful legal career. They continue to work even if they are not happy and satisfied with the work they are performing. This results in low productivity which ultimately harms their legal […]