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Everyday hundreds of men look for jobs on job boards. Either they are unemployed or are in a job that they are not satisfied with and wish to move out. And then there are some who fear they might lose the job due to recession and layoffs. It is the worst experience of a person’s life. All these people spend many hours online searching for their dream job. Despite that the result is nothing as compared to the effort they put looking for it, thus, making job search a nightmare. Even if one finds a job after hours of search on the job boards and applies to it, getting a response takes a lot of time. Then there are employers that call job seekers for interviews but have no real job to offer them. The reason could be budget or to seek attention in the industry.

A person has to search or have access to as many real jobs as possible. One should look for jobs that the employers are actually advertising for. A. Harrison Barnes of has been into the jobs industry for many years and has discovered and developed a way to search for jobs that is more effective than any other method. His approach to job search and listings is truly a “paradigm changer” and changes how one approaches looking for a job.

A. Harrison Barnes aims at connecting a person directly to his/her dream job. electronically monitors every single employer’s website and lists jobs that you won’t find anywhere else. One will get the dream job of one’s choice within a few seconds of search. As soon as any job is posted on any company website, it gets updated on Hound website. This process makes job seeking simpler for the job seekers. All Hound members are full of praise for the website. Some feel “Hound is unquestionably the best Internet job search engine and well-worth the sign-up fee.” while others say “it was very difficult for me to take out time to look for a job or hunt down a recruiter. Hound was a blessing!”

A. Harrison Barnes states that at, people find jobs that are exclusive and are not listed on any other employment sites. Many companies do not wish to spend a lot of money on posting their job openings in any job boards; they prefer posting it on their company website instead. These jobs are thus not advertised anywhere else. So people hardly get to know about them unless they visit websites of these companies for job. These jobs are as good as unadvertised jobs and are not viewed by many. People prefer job boards than looking at every single company’s website. provides help to people searching for part-time jobs, sales jobs, summer jobs, marketing jobs, home jobs, construction jobs, office jobs, and accounting jobs, is government jobs, job openings, engineering jobs and teaching jobs. The team at Hound research company websites to locate the job openings that are advertised there. Most job seekers don’t look at the jobs that are posted on the company websites. They only look for jobs that are posted on major job boards. Secondly, one can directly get in touch with the employer and target the application to the specific employer’s needs, if he/she is looking at the job that is posted directly on the employer’s website.

This website provides people with the jobs that are posted on the company’s website thus giving its clients a better opportunity by bringing them in direct contact with the employer. They do not act as a third party. Thus one has a better chance of grabbing the job since there will be few applications for that particular job. Few applications mean less competition. It makes it easy for people to get into their dream jobs.

Thus, A. Harrison Barnes suggests that using very much advantageous for people looking for a job. One will himself see the advantages of using this site once he starts his job search. He/she will see more jobs of their interest and the applications to the jobs will be answered at the earliest. There will be more calls for interviews and one will surely find a suitable job.

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