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Many law students make their careers by either choosing to work as a government attorney or by choosing the private companies or firms that hire lawyers. One can easily practice being a government employer. Working as a government attorney is very beneficial for one. In fact there is no better job than working for the federal or state government. The lawyers, who work for the United States Department of Justice, say that after 5:15 p.m. each evening, the hall gets empty for everyone has left for the day. In fact there are attorneys who show up day after day, month after month and do nothing at all. Thus one can very well understand the advantages of working as a government attorney.

A. Harrison Barnes, who owns, says that the first benefit of choosing a career with the government is that government jobs are most often secure. One doesn’t need to worry about losing the job during tough circumstances. There are many attorneys who practice their entire career working as the government attorney. They face a little prospect of a layoff even at bad economic conditions. It is difficult to get fired from the government attorney jobs regardless of the status of the economy.

The second advantage according to A. Harrison Barnes is that the government attorneys are very friendly with one other. They even share a brotherly feeling. This is because they do not compete with each other to bill hours. The government attorneys often get closer to each other, and they can easily work side by side for several decades. They do not face the economic and billing pressures of a private law firm or even the economic uncertainty of many in-house positions. They do not compete with each other as aggressively as the lawyers of the private firm and thus can become close friends.

The work of an attorney working with the government is often very interesting. A lawyer of a private firm may work on high profile litigation once or twice or perhaps never in a law firm career. But many government attorneys at least spend a day or a week in court. The government lawyers who do not do the judicial proceeding work are involved in important policy making that has a national impact.

The fourth benefit according to A. Harrison Barnes is that the government attorneys receive training and obtain a skill set that helps them achieve appreciation on the eyes of the private legal employers. There are many attorneys who received training for decades as prosecutors before they returned to the private sectors as the partners of the private legal employers.

Fifth is that a government attorney can move further to an excellent career in a higher government post. The present federal judges were prosecutors at the state and federal levels in the beginning of their legal careers. The important cabinet positions in both federal and state governments are filled by government attorneys each year.

One cannot expect of private practice the type of benefits – the health care and retirement – that a government attorney gets after retirement. The government attorneys end their careers with sizable retirement benefits which not make them change their lifestyle at all.

But the government jobs are not preferred by all believes A. Harrison Barnes. Many lawyers do not wish to work with the government. It is because of the finances associated with the government job. Though there are many government lawyers that earn more than $100,000 a year and are able to live comfortably. Many government attorneys are contented souls for whom money is not the only objective. They simply enjoy practicing law with individuals who get along well and are on same wave length in a secured environment.

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