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Recruitment refers to a process where by the most qualified and able candidates are screened and selected to fill vacant position in an organization. In the current times, there have emerged different types of recruitment processes.

Staffing Outsourcing
One of the most common trends in the recruitment process can be said to be the process of outsourcing, says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of The outsourcing firms can help to recruit those candidates who possess suitable skills and abilities for a particular institution or organization. These outsourcing firms are a pool of human resource for their recruitment procedures says A. Harrison Barnes. Fees are charged by these outsourcing firms for the services they provide. These outsourcing companies however, have a number of advantages as well as disadvantages.

• The outsourcing companies provide a considerable amount of flexibility and competitive benefits. • The companies are not required to negotiate salaries, look through the unsuitable resumes, or make plans for human resource in advance, thereby it saves a lot of its time and effort says A. Harrison Barnes. The outsourcing companies provide quality service with speed. These companies provide a well defined business strategy for staffing. • The outsourcing companies claim to alter fixed investment costs to variable costs. This cost generally varies with the activities concerning recruitment.

• The main problem that some firms charge astronomical fees for outsourced staffing. • Sometimes dealings exceed the cost of the internal staffing department. • At times it may so happen that the outsourcing companies may fail to meet the requirements put forward by the customer in terms of quantity or quality of staff the customers require. • The level of competitiveness may go down if the recruitment process is restricted in the hands of a single recruiter, rather than that of multiple recruiters. • It will be wrong to perceive that the outsourcing companies can productively incorporate the client’s brand status.

Staffing By Poaching
Another kind of recruitment procedure may be staffing and poaching method says A. Harrison Barnes. In this method of poaching, a qualified and competent employee who is already in the service profession is hired by another organization of the same industry. The attractive salary package, terms and conditions can attract qualified and competent candidates. This is not a very ethical procedure and is not talked about openly. The poaching process is very common in the retail and software industry.

Job Boards Play a Key Role
In this age of globalization, information and technology, the internet has become one of the biggest weapons acquired by the recruitment executives. The job sites post information about the latest job openings. Even the job seekers can make use of the technology to advertise their professional careers. The job seekers are required to upload their resumes in the leading job sites and thereafter get drawn into by the prospective employees. is one of the leading job sites, that has latest job posted on its site says A. Harrison Barnes.

All that a job seeker needs to do is, search for their field of interest and apply for the vacant post. Make sure that you up load a professionally made cover letter and resume to attract attention of the recruiters, says A. Harrison Barnes. Try to incorporate in your CV all the details about your educational qualification, work experience and other related certifications that are valid and related to your career. There are several advantages of this kind of recruitment, like the job seeker is not required to spend too much of time or other resources while searching for jobs, and there are no intermediaries involved either.

Contract or the temp recruitment agency
Another major aspect of recruitment is contract or the temp recruitment agency. These are the kind of recruiting agencies that supplies workers on contractual or temporary basis. Unlike the permanent recruiting consultants, those which are temporary recruiting consultants have the responsibility of managing both the candidates and clients, says A. Harrison Barnes. Apart from this, the consultant is also required to ensure that the staff employed on a temporary basis are carrying out their work well and maintaining a stable clientele relation.

Another kind of recruitment agency is the small industry detailed staffing agencies says A. Harrison Barnes. The expenditure involved is not too high so commissions for placements most of the times are high up to 50-60% of that of the placement cost. There are no training phases involved in such scenario. These companies mostly look for experienced candidates rather than new graduates, so training phases are not involved.

The recruiting agencies can be very helpful, they assist you to make career choices and head towards the right direction says A. Harrison Barnes.

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