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Fashion industry may seem to be very glamorous. The recent recession has however not even spared this sector. The new aspiring models are finding it more difficult to get into the fashion industry, even those who are in the industry since a long time, are apprehending job-loss. The leading fashion brands are also providing heavy discounts on their apparels to survive the recession.

Several popular fashion brands such as Rocawear, Chanel, Sean John, Diane von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren have been offering their customers their ware at highly discounted prices to survive the recession market, says A. Harrison Barnes CEO of The leading luxury brands such as Calvin Klein, Pharrell Williams’, Christian Louboutin, and Billionaire Boys Club are also deducing unique marketing strategies to fight the recession. In the present market scenario the rate of jobless workers in the apparel sector have reached heights like never before. The business papers are lacking the number of wanted ads, several companies are closing down, and there are many reports of takeovers and mergers. Moreover the professionals are getting dissatisfied with the payment amount they are receiving during the hard economic conditions.

A. Harrison Barnes has suggested ways in which you can fight the recession and get yourself placed in the fashion industry. In the current phase of recession, most of the applicants are trying the regular job sites. As a result of the enormous traffic in these job sites, competition is getting fiercer. Barnes suggests that instead of going for those regular online job sites it is better to try out for more options. You can try out this website for the most comprehensive job searches. Try out the traditional methods of applying to the fashion companies. You can call them up directly and inquire about the recent vacancies. Your chances of getting into the industry increase when the jobs are not advertised for the masses, but are instead offered to you directly. Furthermore, it is characteristic of the fashion industry that about 85% of the jobs are never advertised. So you should directly call up these companies and inquire about vacancies. Recession is the time when you have to settle for the least.

Sort out your priorities
Make sure that your expectations are logical. Do not hesitate to join a company just because it is not providing you a good pay packet, says A. Harrison Barnes of You can wait till the things get better and then try for better options. At the times of recession, do not advertise yourself too much even if you are overqualified. In many cases, the recruiters in the fashion industry tend to think that being overqualified your demands will be more; therefore they pass on to seek somebody with a decent but not very high qualifications. Avoid putting in too much of your academic records when you are trying to get into the fashion industry. A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you should cut down all the additional certificates and in contextual work experiences and retain only the relevant job experience for getting into the fashion industry.

Be open to all opportunities
A. Harrison Barnes of suggests that you should try out the companies that run on the basis of demand and supply. These companies will be looking for employees for getting their assignments done. One of the most important points made by A. Harrison Barnes is that you should never lose your heart while searching a job in the fashion industry, especially during the times of recession. Instead of getting demoralized, go out make friends in the fashion industry and expand your business contacts. When you come in contact with the business associates in the fashion industry via your friends, you get to know about the latest job openings in the fashion industry. Do not hesitate to accept temporary, seasonal or part-time jobs, at least for a temporary period. The recruiters in the fashion industry generally prefer experienced candidates. In case you do not have any previous experience in the relevant field you can join as an intern. The fashion industry, according to A. Harrison Barnes, is devising several unique measures to sustain and survive the tough times. The economic challenges will keep surfacing, but the most important factor is the way in which you handle the recession period. The small manufacturing and designer companies are trying to get back to the basics. They are employing sharp marketing skills and trying to study the present retail market. These firms are trying to cater to the needs of the consumers and customers.

The experts in the fashion industry advise that the best way to deal with recession is by going back to the basics and beginning from there again. The fashion industry should be so built that it is recession-proof. Now that we have been through the recession for quite a long time, we have gathered some knowledge about the ways in which we can protect ourselves, says A. Harrison Barnes. These experiences will stand us in good stead in the future

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