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You are a very talented person and thus have successfully grabbed various job offers in hand, but you are unable to decide on the right job. It is a very crucial decision to take. A wrong step can place you at a wrong place. You may end up at a workplace where you will feel out of place. You have spent some time searching for a job and have successfully acquired quite a few job offers but when you choose the wrong organization, you can end up all your efforts.

You have to understand that doing Job Search is also a “job” so is the process of choosing the correct work place. Most people according to A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO of, make the mistake of selecting a job on the grounds of the salary offered. This is the biggest mistake they make. You can never judge a work environment on the basis of the popularity of the organization. You have to take various points into consideration before deciding on one. This calls for a lot of effort and hard work before taking the decision. A. Harrison Barnes is here to help you with steps that you should take before considering a job offer.

A good office environment is a very important factor that must be taken into consideration. Since you are required to spend long hours in office, make sure that the environment suits you. The flexibility and culture of the company also must be evaluated before considering the job offer at hand. You must be comfortable in your office environment. The co- workers you work with must be cultured and decent so that you can easily concentrate on your job. Analyze the corporate culture, goals, attitudes and objectives that the company follows. The philosophies of the company may not match your requirements, so before accepting the offer letter, make sure that you properly analyze the corporate culture.

The most important thing that is the salary must also be taken into consideration. Before joining an institution, make sure that your salary expectations are met. See you it that the salary offered to you enables you to handle the monthly expenditures of yours. If you feel that the salary is too meager do not accept the offer. Unless you are happy with the compensations provided to you, you won’t be able to concentrate on the job. Negotiations form an important part, before accepting the offer letter.

The organizations and institutions, apart from providing basic salary, also provide certain perks and benefits. The Job Seeker is required to clarify all doubts regarding perks and benefits provided by the company, says A. Harrison Barnes. Among the perks and benefits provided, the most common are the benefit programs in areas like insurance, disability, etc, as well as vacation and sick leave. If you want to choose from the various packages available, make sure that you ask for copies of the plan descriptions.

Before accepting the offer letter you are required to evaluate the distance between your personal life and office. In case you are used to working only 35 hours a week, and the present job requires you to work for 45 hours, take out time to evaluate the case very minutely says Harrison Barnes the CEO of Some of the jobs require you to travel a lot. Before making any commitments, make sure that you are ready to travel and go for tours. Also evaluate the commuting time. Analyze if you are commuting for long hours or your parking fees are heading north.

The job of evaluating the offer letter in hand also requires you to prioritize your goals and targets. Ask your self questions like what is important to you, as that will help you to decide whether you should be joining the office or not says A. Harrison Barnes. Personal circumstances of every individual are different. What seems to be a perfect job for you may not be suitable for another person. Do make sure that you are taking out time to weigh the pros and cons. It is very important to keep in mind that in case you are not in the right job, it is not the end of world. You should be hopeful and remain positive that the next job will be a perfect match for you. Remember says A. Harrison Barnes that it is much easier to turn down an offer letter than coming out of a job that you are already into. Even the employers do not prefer to start over the hiring process at short intervals.

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