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A Human rights lawyer seeks to provide protection to those civilians, whose civil rights have been violated or those who are subjected to mental or physical torture. Human rights are not a specific field in a legal career. The solicitors who deal with human rights issues are required to specialize in several fields like mental health, immigration, war crimes, public law, environmental laws, data protection, insurance and justice property, or in other words in all areas of law.

The human right cases says A. Harrison Barnes, owner of focuses on the situations where the members of public authority or individuals feel that they have be denied of the basic civil rights and liberties. It might also include cases when a mentally unstable person has been discriminated against at the work place. Over the years, cases pertaining to human rights have been on the rise. With the introduction of the Human Rights Act in the year 1998, it became even more popular. This law led to the enforcement of European Convention for protecting rights of the civilians and Fundamental Freedoms in the British courts of laws. The act came into force since 2000 that acted as a bridge between UK law and the EU law. This bridging gap has provided better human rights protection to the civilians in UK.

There are legal firms and centers publicly funded that deal specifically with human rights issues. The human rights attorneys, says A. Harrison Barnes, must possess sharp interpersonal and communication skills. Apart from this the attorneys must be sympathetic in nature for it’s a person-orientated career in the field of law. A human rights attorney needs to perform the following types of functions: They may need to discuss with the clients about the specific case, take down statements from them, write down the credentials of the court, and negotiate with the solicitors from a different angle of the case.

Steps involved before becoming a Human rights attorney as stated by A. Harrison Barnes:

Those aspiring to become a human rights attorney must take Law School Admission Test or the LSAT test. This is a standardized examination that tests the ability of logical reasoning of the candidates. The students during their law school days can undertake voluntary activities from organizations like Amnesty International, to gain first hand knowledge about human right practices. Human right lawyers are in high demand. In case you are aspiring to become a human rights attorney, try to attend one of the top 15 elite law schools, advises A. Harrison Barnes. The aspiring lawyers must try to pass Bar Examination in your state. Those who are planning to take up human rights law can also inquire about additional courses. The attorneys must endeavor to expand their business contacts. This will help them reach new heights in their legal careers. Moreover business contacts help you to build your practice says A. Harrison Barnes. You can also get in touch with many other human rights organizations like Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First, for delivering voluntary legal services.

You can become a human rights lawyer, even if you do not have law as your subject in the undergraduate level. In that case, says A. Harrison Barnes, you need to take a ‘conversion course’. It is either a Graduate Diploma or Common Profession exam in the legal field, before you appear for LPC. Legal career can be both rewarding and fascinating. The lawyers are required to fight for justice and make sure that it is not denied to their clients who have trusted them. Viewed from this perspective, there is no doubt that the jobs of the legal attorneys are indeed very challenging says A. Harrison Barnes. Before entering into legal profession, the students must be able to identify their field of interest. The student needs to be extremely dedicated towards his studies for becoming a legal professional is not easy. The grades in law schools are important determining factor in one’s legal career. Most of the courses in the elite law schools require GCSEs at A grades or B grades. The law student need not study any particular subject as a matter of fact, but he is required to achieve high grades. The law students can go through prospectus of their deemed university to get an idea about the requirements.

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