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BCGSearch is one of the premier attorney recruitment and placement firms in the nation. While other legal job sitespromise big things to you, they rarely will live up to your expectations – and probably leave you disappointed and frustrated. You shouldn’t have to settle for anylegal careerbecause you think nothing better is out there. Until you try BCGSearch then you are not maximizing your options as a legal attorney.

Besides BCGSearch having the best recruiters in all the business, you will have access to numerous features on the BCGSearch site such as free up-to-date legal news and many “self help” articles. You can also receive free Webinars from Founder and CEO Harrison Barnes on a daily basis. Harrison Barnes doesn’t sit back and let his employees do the “dirty” work but contributes to the success of BCGSearch as well.

There are more than 200 free videos in the in the Daily Videos Archives section for you to enjoy – and who knows you might learn something by watching them. These videos include topics such as “Be Someone Who is Engaged with Work, Not Someone Who Avoids Work”, “Slipping, Falling Down, Gravity and Your Career”, “Plan for Success – Not Failure”, and “Bad Dancing, Submitting, and Surrendering” just to name a few. These videos are intended to help you approach your life in a new positive manner and give you motivation to continue on in your legal career when times look their worst.

When you search for job search sites online you want to know (or you should want to know) what makes them different then all the other legal job search sites out there. If you are stuck between a rock (your job) and a hard place (the unsatisfying experience looking for a new job) then BCGSearch may be your answer. If you are unsure what separates BCGSearch from the rest of the legal recruitment and placement companies then take a look at the Benefits of Working with BCG Attorney Search section. If you can find a company that lists all its benefits in such great detail then by all means join them and not BCGSearch.

BCG Attorney Search is a member of the EmploymentScape group of companies – which is the founder of companies such as LawCrossing, Attorney Resume, JD Journal, Hound, JD2B, and LegalAuthority. If you have not heard of any of these sites, you should really get your head in the game. If BCG Attorney Search chooses to work with you then you will have free access to LawCrossing, Hound and Attorney Resume for one year also.

LawCrossing is the largest and most popular law job board for attorneys there are bar none. Hound is another one of the job search resources you will be more then happy with. Hound monitors every law firm website it can find for jobs. You will also receive free legal resume revision and review through the legal resume creation company, Attorney Resume. When you sign up for one site such as BCGSearch, you are able to gain access to other top quality job site sites.

Also, BCGSearch has published a book entitled The BCG Attorney Search Guide to Class Rankings and Law Review Admission at America’s Top 50 Law Schools.

If you are looking for a new legal employment, look no further then BCGSearch. Harrison Barnes has set the standard when it comes to the legal placement and recruitment for attorneys.

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