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When a job seeker is in the midst of a job search, he must make sure that he has covered all aspects carefully. There are several things which need to be covered when you are hunting for jobs. The foremost being patience and pertinence. In order to become highly successful, you need to follow the steps as stated below.

First impressions are very important. A. Harrison Barnes, the owner of has pointed out that first impressions are very important. The way you look, dress up, your mannerisms all go together and improves your job prospects. Reach the interview venue on time. Make sure that you are reaching the venue at least fifteen minutes before hand. Do not forget to carry the necessary credentials. Dress up in formals, see to it that you are manicured and hair cleanly brushed. Showcase all your skills, abilities and prepare your self for the “elevator speech” so that you can stand out from the rest of the crowd. Once the interview is over, follow ups are very important. A sophisticated follow-up letter reaffirms your interest in the position. Make sure that you are keeping in touch with the recruiters. Once the interview is over, you may send a hand written thank you card with in the next 24-48 hours. The brief message can be either e mailed or word processed says A. Harrison Barnes. To get the latest up dates about new job openings, the job seekers can attend job fairs regularly. These job fairs held periodically provides with new job openings. You can gain a fair knowledge about the current market scenario is from the job fairs.

Make sure that you are searching with a purpose, says A. Harrison Barnes. May be you will repent later, if you take up any decision in haste. Set your goals and target companies where you think your goals can be accomplished. Plan your day ahead and try not to miss opportunities that come by your side. Developing a strategic plan of action is very important. Go through informal interviews and post your resume on the net. If possible, try and avoid the human resource representatives. These representatives are called “screener”. He is entrusted with the responsibility of reviewing a candidate’s resume and analyzing the skills and abilities possessed by him and the ways in which they can be applied to the job. There after the HR shortlists the names of the names of the candidates and forwards it to the decision maker. Unfortunately, the decision maker does not have much discretionary power that can be exercised in matters of recruitment, for he has to work under the directions of the HR. Direct approach to the decision makers, thus improves the job prospects.

A positive outlook is very important. Do not get demoralized by rejections, says A. Harrison Barnes. Make sure that your stress levels are not increasing. You can meet up friends; enjoy your favorite pastimes, take out time for your hobbies, or go for short trips. These fun filled activities can be very useful for replenishing your lost energies. Listen to your favorite numbers or go for long drives, if you feel you need to de-stress says A. Harrison Barnes of Given the present market scenario, getting a job is not a very easy task. It might take long but eventually you will come across the right job. Do not go by the business news in your community or city, where you want to work, instead go through the local business communities for the latest updates in the field of business. Analyze the local newspapers local sections as well. These provide you with contact details of the recruiters. You also have knowledge about the recruiters who are “preferred” and “hot” and choose among them.

A job seeker must possess the right attitude says A. Harrison Barnes. There are some candidates with laid back attitude, on the other hand there are others who feel that the day is too short and they have a lot of work at their disposal. The second variety of people, are those who reaches their targeted goals faster. However they are careless enough at the same time to commit silly mistakes.

If you want to stay away from negative influences, it is better to stay away from job clubs. The job search of yours may be adversely affected by these support groups. Keep a close watch on whether these support groups are encouraging you or feeding you with insecurities. You might just land up losing your self confidence and get emotionally drained, once you visit these job clubs.

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