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Find a Job – How Not to Find a Job

You will find numerous articles on the internet on finding jobs. But the paradox is that most of us those articles with such a mindset that actually works against your chances to find a job in reality! Here are some top tips to sabotage your chances of finding a job. Statutory Warning – Follow them only when you do not want to engage/ commit yourself to any kind of job.

Top Tip#1: Give Your Credentials a Botox Treatment!

Give your employer something that he would love to see – great credentials on a resume! Of course, you need not be honest about this. Come to reality guys, super-inflated CVs are the order of the day! Best advice – like using Botox to give your sagging skin, a lift – use a similar treatment for your sagging career! After all, everyone knows- – the pen is mightier than the knife! Oops…sword! Got the drift?

Top Tip#2: Get the Coolest Sounding Email ID ever!

Make your presence felt online. The best way to connect to the like-minded people on the internet is to have IDs that appear trash to the pseudo-intellectuals and of course, your employer. Give your employer a reason to believe that you’re unique in every sense possible. Show them how serious you’re with your ability to churn out really ‘cool’ sounding email ids! And because everything is free on the internet, does it matter at all, if you used a paid account instead of a free one?

Actually the paid email ids are a part of the greater internet scams where the companies rip-off an innocent individual. This is clearly unacceptable! Raise your voice against the paid e-mail programs! Go FREE!

Top Tip#3: Do Not Use a Good Job Search Website!

Similar to serious and boring email IDs, the ‘best’ job search sites are actually another part of the great internet scam which have nothing on offer for job seekers but only loads of advertisements that help the, rake revenues in millions! How does it matter at all whether you subscribed to the top search website or the lower ranked job site? The only difference is that the lower ranked site gets lesser advertisements. Being part of a free nation, use your rights to challenge and question the advertisements that you’re showered with!

Top Tip#4: Move over formal tones. Use Texting Language for communication!

It is amazing how one can convey a lot of meaning with ‘jz sum smpl wrdz’! btw (short for ‘by the way’!) you can try using the same texting language to communicate with your employers! They will surely be impressed with your command over the language that will help them know your real worth. (You can actually communicate pages worth of formal information within a single paragraph!)

Top Tip#5: Post whatever you want to, on your social networking profile!

Social networking sites are the coolest stuff to have hit us. Use them to the max and use them to post whatever you want. Finally there is a place where you do not have to worry about prying eyes or suspicious bosses!

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PR Jobs – Top Ten Opportunities in PR

All types of companies have to depend on a public relations department for the publicity and the popularity of their business in the market as well as amongst the clients. In fact, The PR jobs specify that the personnel in this department have to form bridges between different types of media that are related to the company so that the company can be focused in front of the people and presented in the most suitable light to make sure that more and more people consider this company for their business.

Since the PR jobs fulfill so many different specifications, it is absolutely natural that it is divided into many types of sectors that focus in different parts of the job. Therefore it is under the PR jobs that we would find the communications jobs, the marketing jobs and even the journalism jobs.

In fact, if we considered the top ten opportunities in PR, we would find that each of these sectors have different types of demands for different types of people that would fulfill specifications that are very particular. These top ten opportunities is would certainly contain different types of journalism jobs that are closely related to the public relations department of every company. Many popular companies have specific corporate communications department that handle the relations that have to be maintained with the different types of media in which the companies are advertised. Sometimes there are also some products, services or even the company’s new branches that are launched and these launches are basically popularized by the different types of media. It is therefore necessary that the representative of the company that handles jobs of this sector should have a working knowledge of the journalism area. They should also be able to write suggested and popular press releases for the company because sometimes the media requires the public relations personnel from the company to notify them in this area.

Again, the marketing jobs are also a part of the public relations department of the company. In case the marketing jobs are not directly under the public relations department it is always necessary that they work very closely together to form the perfect type of hype that is required to popularize the company and the product. Therefore, many marketing jobs specify the different profiles that are also consistent and common with PR jobs.

The communications jobs are more concentrated towards the company’s corporate communications. The opportunities in this sector are related to the company’s relations with the different clients and financers. Entry level PR jobs are very important launch pads for fresher. Sometimes PR jobs also create indirect opportunities in the accounting, finance and even the advertisement sector. This is amazingly helpful in creating various employment opportunities in the same company for different kinds of people. Every job specification is unique and yet each one is interdependent. Many people prefer to start out in the PR department in the beginning so that they can get a working knowledge about each of the field that is required for corporate companies’ proper machination.

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Law Firm Jobs – 7 Steps to Landing a Great Law Firm Job

There is a lot of competition in the job market these days. This is the reason why you need to be careful and must be ready to face the challenge. These days’ legal jobs have become one of the most popular jobs.

People who are interested in this kind of a job must be a student of a law school. If you want to make it big then you should also pass the bar examination. You can either practice in the court of law or you can even join one of the law firms.

Law firm jobs have become quite popular these days. If you are new to this field and you want to know how to get into the entry level law firm jobs then it is important for you to follow certain steps. There are lots of pre law students who want to make it big in this industry.

You need to learn these steps to make sure you get a good position in these firms. To get lawyer jobs first of all you need to search for the best firms available in your state or country.

After this the first step to join the firm is to complete the undergraduate course. The kind of degree does not usually matter. But you need to make sure that you are a graduate with high GPA and you must also have honors in your graduation.

The next step is to go for the postgraduate course and take admission to the law school. But before you join the law school you must try to join certain extracurricular activities. These extracurricular activities must be oriented to academics as well as community based.

If you take part in these kinds of activities it will help you create an attractive resume. These activities will give you an edge over the other students while entering the law school. Without passing the law school you cannot get into the law firm jobs.

You can look for the law firm job openings either on the internet or even on the newspapers as well as other media. You can apply for these jobs on the internet. With the help of the internet you can apply for the jobs with the help of clicking the apply button.

But before that you need to take the admission test to the law school and you must also perform well in it. There is no other option than that. High scores are very much important for the admission process.

Once you get selected you can choose the best law school present in your state. As you get admitted to the best school to get lawyer jobs you must devote yourself to studies. Only this can help you reach to the top.

If you do well in your law school you will get various law firm jobs opportunity. Must make sure that you look out for the best Law firm job postings present in your state or country. Your application to the big law firms must also be realistic.

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Verizon’s Legal Eagles Speak

Earlier today, Verizon Wireless, based out of New York, finally agreed to provide refunds to millions of its customers; refunds that will likely surpass the $90 million mark.   While this is good news for Verizon customers, A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and president, says many are questioning why it’s taken more than two years for these issues to get resolved, especially considering the number of complaints the company and the FCC received during that time.  It’s expected these refunds will apply to at least 15 million current and past customers.

The issue revolved around a few of the cell carrier’s phone and data packaging plans.  Customers who accidentally hit a button that started the phone’s browser were charged $1.99 each time.  Even when customers hit their escape or cancel keys within seconds, those charges still appeared on their monthly bills.  More than 15 million Verizon customers were affected.  Those still with the nation’s largest cell carrier will see refunds on their October and November statements.  For those no longer with Verizon, they can expect to see refund checks.

The lawyers for Verizon Wireless issued a statement on their client’s website on Sunday, said the founder.  It reads, in part, “Verizon Wireless values our customer relationships and we always want to do the right thing…we have addressed these issues to avoid unintended data charges in the future”.

The Federal Trade Commission, in its own statement, said “We’re gratified to see Verizon agree to finally repay its customers”.

Verizon, in the past, has been accused of rounding its customer’s bills up to its favor.  For instance, a sixty two second phone call equates to two minutes on those minute plans the company is so well known for.  Looks as though this trend will continue as more wireless companies are backing away from their unlimited plans and instead are opting for those plans that everything – including data plans- are charged by the minute.  This will likely mean even more padding by companies.  It is legal, however.  A company is free to package its services in any way it chooses.  Still, it could be that help is on the way, whether the big cell giants are prepared or not.  Services offered by Skype and Google are shaping up to be a cell company’s biggest nightmare.  Because the internet heavy hitters can offer for free what the phone companies charge for, the new way of staying connected is likely to change in the very near future.

It is expected the FCC will continue its own investigation for the potential of further penalties and fines, says A. Harrison Barnes.  The ten month investigation won’t be coming to a close in the near future, said one spokeswoman.  Surprisingly, when the announcement came on Monday, October 4, Verizon (VZ) was one of only a few stocks in the green.  The Dow dropped more than 101 points early while Verizon remained steady, even as the announcement was being made and the lawyers were preparing their clients for the aftermath.

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Statistics on the Federal Level

Looks as though the difficult times have affected even the judicial system on the federal level.  A recent Slate editorial reveals just how deep the cuts are. A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder, says this could prove problematic in ways many haven’t even considered. For instance, of the 850 lower court federal judgeships, there are more than 100 that are vacant. Eighty three of these vacancies are in district courts, which, as we know, are crucial for civil rights, economic issues, privacy, environmental and other important national issues. The editorial points out that many Americans aren’t aware of these shortages and if they are, they’re not aware of just how much it could affect their daily lives.

The founder says this will increase an already extended wait time, some by years. When a citizen is fighting for his job, this is devastating and will likely result in a case not ever being heard. As A. Harrison Barnes points out, “This gives new meaning to ‘justice delayed, justice denied”. Even worse, some jurisdictions have stopped hearing civil cases altogether. This is truly detrimental to the very foundations this country is built upon. This certainly cannot be what the framers had in mind.

A new report released by Alliance for Justice in September, 2010, points out that “judicial emergencies have doubled since President Obama took office nearly twenty months ago and these emergencies are in thirty states. Some retired judges have come out of their retirements in an effort to assist those courts who are brutally overwhelmed.  Chief Judge Wiley Daniel, of the U.S. District Court in Denver, addressed leaders in his state and requested “urgent confirmation” and that the vacancies “impede public access to justice”.

Even the U.S. Supreme Court is weighing in. Justice William Rehnquist has twice openly spoken against the Senate and the White House as they lag in filling the “many vacancies” crucial “for the good of the nation”.

Another alarming trend A. Harrison Barnes points out is that the length of time between a judge being nominated and then confirmed continues to grow. Slate‘s editorial points out that since President Obama has taken office, that gap has more than quadrupled and that many nominees are now waiting months before being confirmed and some suggest, “it may never come”. This is turning many potential nominees off to the process and instead is resulting in them taking their knowledge elsewhere. President of the American Bar Association, Steve Zack, says “…the best nominees will be inclined to start to wonder whether it’s worth the bother. Many…nominees may not even entertain the prospect…”  He says the gridlock is discouraging many from “subjecting themselves”.

New fears are that the bigger the standoff and the longer it continues, the more likely it will be that politics will become too much integrated in the process. Candidates will begin using these problems in their campaigns. This is dangerous, says Barnes. It could result in no one placing it front and center unless it’s an election year.

Time will tell if these problems can finally be worked out in a more timely manner; however, if they’re not, we are on the verge of losing so much of everything we hold dear in this country.

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The Sweet Side of Leaving the Legal Profession

With shocking news coming down this week regarding the potential loss of more than 17,500 jobs in Big Law firms, it appears one woman has cut her losses and left behind her law degree for the opportunity to hit it big with America’s sweet side. Even better, her risk has paid off as quickly as her first year, says A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder.

Kate Carrara, a Pennsylvania attorney, saw the proverbial writing on the wall when she opted to leave the profession. Her goal?  To start her own cupcake business. She reportedly sold her home, her car and even her engagement ring in an effort to finance the new business. The human rights attorney knew she was taking a big gamble, yet, no one can ever say she’s not tenacious. She graduated the University of San Francisco School of Law before moving to the east coast to practice at her grandfather’s law firm, Lenahan & Dempsey, determined to make a difference in human rights.

So was it worth it?  The Washington Post spoke with her last week, as she nears the one year anniversary, and asked her that very question. Her reply, “In the first year, we’ve made $100,000, but we’re putting a lot of that back into the business now”. It appears, however, her legal background will still serve her well as she’s now looking into her options for growing her popular cupcake business. She’s currently considering retail space and even wholesales outlets and kiosks, too. Impressive, yes?  A. Harrison Barnes says it’s likely many attorneys will begin to rethink their lives without a law firm to report to each day. “With so much uncertainty in the legal field right now, the high number of new graduates competing for significantly fewer jobs, it stands to reason some lawyers will begin to redefine their dreams”.

Turns out, Carrara herself got inspiration from a fellow lawyer, in New York, who left the profession to create his own cupcake company. He too has been incredibly successful in his own ventures.

For now, Carrara is content with her business, Buttercream Philadelphia, and has converted an old mail truck found on eBay, that’s now delightfully adorned with sprinkles against an off white foundation. The founder says she’s incorporating social networking sites to further her success. In fact, she uses Twitter to help her customers with a sweet tooth locate her throughout the city each day. “I can really use my truck, my Twitter and my following to get people to do stuff that I think is important”, says Carrara, when asked if she’s lost her drive for human rights law. Who says the legal profession can’t be sweet as sugar?  With 4,000 followers just in Philadelphia alone, this cupcake queen has found the winning formula. Now if we can only get her to overnight her delectable confections to other areas in the country!

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Finding Government Jobs in Houston on

If you live in Houston and you want to work from home, it can be difficult to find work, especially if you work on government jobs in Houston. However, even the federal government is trying to cut costs by releasing some workers, and some of these jobs may be outsourced. is one place you can go to find outsourced work if you live in Houston (or just want to work for an employer in Houston who’s willing to outsource to anywhere in the country). Government jobs in Houston are sometimes available on, especially if they are focused on basic work that doesn’t require any sort of clearance.

Of course, if you live in Houston, finding government jobs in Houston on is also a possibility, whereby you may want to go to the site (or be required to by the employer) to actually do the work. That depends.

If you’re an employer and you want to find a skilled worker to do government jobs in Houston but don’t want to pay for full-time employment, can also be of help to you there. Simply sign on to as a “Seeker,” post the job, its requirements, and your time allotment and deadline, and wait for someone who is an expert to pick it up. You don’t have to spend money on benefits, you don’t have to hire someone on a full-time basis, and you may not even have to spend a lot of time training a “new employee.” If you find someone who’s an expert and just looking for some work to do, can find you that person, even if he or she is located elsewhere in the country.

This benefits both you and the freelance experts you hire. Because you don’t have to hire someone full-time, it saves you money; by the same token, the “Solver” you hire can work from the comfort of his or her own home doing government jobs in Houston found on — in some cases, from anywhere in the country.

And as a freelance expert, you as a “Solver” don’t have to worry about finding Government Jobs in Houston and actually relocating to Houston; simply do them where you are in most cases, without having to relocate, collect your payment, and work when you want to with no long-term commitments.

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Skip College? Really?

In what’s sure to become a controversial article, James Altucher, wrote in a recent article that there are seven reasons parents should not send their kids to college. The reasons make sense, to a degree, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder, but there are still many reasons a college degree is the best bet for your children’s future.

One of the reasons outlined in Altucher’s article is that a college degree will cost more than most realize. More than 60% of college students will continue with their secondary educations for more than four years. In an effort to ensure their future career options, many are opting for continuing with further educational options after they’ve acquired their degrees.

Another reason, Altucher contends, is that the average college graduate leaves with more than just a degree; the average amount of debt that follows them out of their graduation ceremony is approximately $23,000. Further, there are those who can expect to shoulder more than $200,000. The founder agrees it’s a big burden to carry into the adult world as twenty-somethings begin their professional careers.

It’s true college tuitions have continued to rise, up nine-fold since the 1970s, according to Altucher. Further, medical care costs are up and continue to rise and of course, inflation must be considered as well.

With more ways to save in a new world, A. Harrison Barnes agrees it’s become easier, with proper self discipline, to save an additional sum of money. Altucher says it’s realistic to believe one can easily bank a cool million; still, it requires a lot of commitment on the part of young adults.

So is a college degree worth it? Barnes believes it is. That said, for those who choose to forego the traditional college route, the founder suggests keeping current with your chosen career. “Continuing education courses are always a good route”, says Barnes.

So what’s the best route? It’s a decision on a family can make, of course, but ultimately, families will need to ask themselves what their high school senior really wants to do for a living after graduation. There are countless options that are available now that weren’t even considered as recently as fifteen or twenty years ago. Online college courses is a great option that many are discovering is the perfect solution. It’s more affordable, too, say many industry experts. Carrying on a family tradition of graduating from a particular institution might be important, but you have to ask yourself if it’s realistic. If your daughter has no desire to become the next female Supreme Court Justice, it may be that you need to take a step back and allow her to define and pursue her own dreams. It’s times like those that new family traditions are made.

There are no definitive answers and the only sure-fire solution is to remember who’s going to be attending those early morning classes and cramming for finals – if he’s not willing or not exactly thrilled at the idea of life on campus, there may be better ways to invest your money.

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Fitting In When You’re the New Hire

There’s only one thing as stressful as finding yourself without a job and that’s finding yourself with a job – a new job, that is. It can be both exciting and disconcerting at the same time, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder. That doesn’t mean your blood pressure has to rise and you find yourself sitting in the parking lot questioning whether you really need a job to pay those pesky bills anyway. Sure you need the job! Take heed of the tips below and then move forward with the same confidence you displayed that got you the job!

Arrive early – this is always the one thing everyone says, “Duh…I know that”, yet few take advantage of those precious early moments. The founder says it’s a good way to get in, get some of the awkward introductions out of the way while also taking a look around and locating those mundane things such as the copier and supply cabinet.

Don’t voice your opinions too loudly – especially if they go against the current dynamics in the office, says Barnes. You want to make an impression, but stepping on toes will only ensure the wrong one’s left on your new co-workers. Of course, says A. Harrison Barnes, if you’re asked for feedback or suggestions, you should offer up any ideas you have. That’s part of the upside of a new employee: they approach old problems with new eyes.

About Us – You can learn a wealth about a company, its mission and its values simply by visiting the website’s “About Us” page. This is a good way to sort of fall into those same principles and, though it doesn’t happen often, it’s also way to ensure you’ve chosen the right position. Odds are you’ll never disagree with a company’s goals, but there have been times when a new hire has rescinded his job acceptance after realizing his values and the company’s didn’t match.

Be Kind, Ask for Help – By introducing yourself to someone in the company breakroom and then asking a question, you’re basically saying, “I’m new here and you look like the kind of person who can help me help myself”. It’s human nature to want to be helpful to our fellow humans. Even if it sounds corny, there’s truth in it. Be sincere – but don’t shy away from the opportunity, either.

Listen – Sometimes, the most revealing facts reveal themselves when you’re doing nothing but paying attention to what’s being said to you and around you. While you likely care less about the boss’s divorce, it is good to know, if for no other reason than to explain why he looks as though he’s lost ten pounds since your initial interview. Remember, too, that gossip is never a healthy habit. While you might not can help overhearing the occasional tid bit of dirt on the receptionist, it doesn’t mean you have to contribute.

Before long, that first day will be behind you and you’ll know the intricacies as well as anyone else. Until then, take a deep breath and jump into this new career that you’ve chosen.

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The 5 Best Careers for the Creative Minded

Each of us have some degree of creativity, some just happen to have a broader streak than others. The beauty is when a creative soul finds a career that allows him to make the best of his strongest abilities. Graphic artists, writers and fashion designers come to mind. But what are some of the other fields that attract our right brain counterparts? A. Harrison Barnes, fellow creative soul and founder, says the possibilities are endless and it’s about following your passion. Keep reading for some of the best career opportunities that allow you to flex your creative side.

Interior Decorating is perhaps one of the first choices for those who dream in shades of purple penelope and vixen violet. This is the ultimate career for many creative folks just because of the wide latitude and creative license their clients usually allow. A degree gets your career started, says A. Harrison Barnes, and from there, it’s about building your name and ultimately your brand. You’ll need to gear up for several years of “paying your dues” before you really begin earning well, but it’s a sacrifice worth making.

Wedding Planner – Granted, a bride and groom usually already have an image of how they want their wedding to unfold, but a wedding planner is the one who brings it to life. Your best bet is to intern with an already established wedding planner before tackling a project on your own. Many encourage new wedding planners to work for an already established company before striking out solo.

Cosmetologist – There’s nothing more satisfying than taking an exhausted mother of three little ones under the age of five and transforming her into a spectacular beauty queen. Cosmetologists make this happen on a daily basis. Check with your state licensing board for the compliance issues. Each state varies in its regulations, but a cosmetology career is very rewarding for a creative mind.

Landscaper – This presents the opportunity for a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for a well constructed and creative landscaping project to come together, says the founder. It’s fun, keeps you healthy and a great way to earn a living.

Window Dressers – You might land a coveted position on Rodeo Drive in California or at Barneys in New York, but there are many opportunities across the country for those who love bringing beauty front and center for the whole world to see. Usually, a BA in marketing and/or merchandising is your ticket into an interview.

Of course, a creative mind can always “create” her own dream job. Talent, imagination and determination go hand in hand (in hand) for these types of careers. As with all professions, it’s what you make it. The goal is to be the best you can be with the talents you were born with. That, says A. Harrison Barnes, is where true success is found. It’s also where you’ll discover – or even define – your own niche.

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