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In what’s sure to become a controversial article, James Altucher, wrote in a recent article that there are seven reasons parents should not send their kids to college. The reasons make sense, to a degree, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder, but there are still many reasons a college degree is the best bet for your children’s future.

One of the reasons outlined in Altucher’s article is that a college degree will cost more than most realize. More than 60% of college students will continue with their secondary educations for more than four years. In an effort to ensure their future career options, many are opting for continuing with further educational options after they’ve acquired their degrees.

Another reason, Altucher contends, is that the average college graduate leaves with more than just a degree; the average amount of debt that follows them out of their graduation ceremony is approximately $23,000. Further, there are those who can expect to shoulder more than $200,000. The founder agrees it’s a big burden to carry into the adult world as twenty-somethings begin their professional careers.

It’s true college tuitions have continued to rise, up nine-fold since the 1970s, according to Altucher. Further, medical care costs are up and continue to rise and of course, inflation must be considered as well.

With more ways to save in a new world, A. Harrison Barnes agrees it’s become easier, with proper self discipline, to save an additional sum of money. Altucher says it’s realistic to believe one can easily bank a cool million; still, it requires a lot of commitment on the part of young adults.

So is a college degree worth it? Barnes believes it is. That said, for those who choose to forego the traditional college route, the founder suggests keeping current with your chosen career. “Continuing education courses are always a good route”, says Barnes.

So what’s the best route? It’s a decision on a family can make, of course, but ultimately, families will need to ask themselves what their high school senior really wants to do for a living after graduation. There are countless options that are available now that weren’t even considered as recently as fifteen or twenty years ago. Online college courses is a great option that many are discovering is the perfect solution. It’s more affordable, too, say many industry experts. Carrying on a family tradition of graduating from a particular institution might be important, but you have to ask yourself if it’s realistic. If your daughter has no desire to become the next female Supreme Court Justice, it may be that you need to take a step back and allow her to define and pursue her own dreams. It’s times like those that new family traditions are made.

There are no definitive answers and the only sure-fire solution is to remember who’s going to be attending those early morning classes and cramming for finals – if he’s not willing or not exactly thrilled at the idea of life on campus, there may be better ways to invest your money.

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