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There’s only one thing as stressful as finding yourself without a job and that’s finding yourself with a job – a new job, that is. It can be both exciting and disconcerting at the same time, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder. That doesn’t mean your blood pressure has to rise and you find yourself sitting in the parking lot questioning whether you really need a job to pay those pesky bills anyway. Sure you need the job! Take heed of the tips below and then move forward with the same confidence you displayed that got you the job!

Arrive early – this is always the one thing everyone says, “Duh…I know that”, yet few take advantage of those precious early moments. The founder says it’s a good way to get in, get some of the awkward introductions out of the way while also taking a look around and locating those mundane things such as the copier and supply cabinet.

Don’t voice your opinions too loudly – especially if they go against the current dynamics in the office, says Barnes. You want to make an impression, but stepping on toes will only ensure the wrong one’s left on your new co-workers. Of course, says A. Harrison Barnes, if you’re asked for feedback or suggestions, you should offer up any ideas you have. That’s part of the upside of a new employee: they approach old problems with new eyes.

About Us – You can learn a wealth about a company, its mission and its values simply by visiting the website’s “About Us” page. This is a good way to sort of fall into those same principles and, though it doesn’t happen often, it’s also way to ensure you’ve chosen the right position. Odds are you’ll never disagree with a company’s goals, but there have been times when a new hire has rescinded his job acceptance after realizing his values and the company’s didn’t match.

Be Kind, Ask for Help – By introducing yourself to someone in the company breakroom and then asking a question, you’re basically saying, “I’m new here and you look like the kind of person who can help me help myself”. It’s human nature to want to be helpful to our fellow humans. Even if it sounds corny, there’s truth in it. Be sincere – but don’t shy away from the opportunity, either.

Listen – Sometimes, the most revealing facts reveal themselves when you’re doing nothing but paying attention to what’s being said to you and around you. While you likely care less about the boss’s divorce, it is good to know, if for no other reason than to explain why he looks as though he’s lost ten pounds since your initial interview. Remember, too, that gossip is never a healthy habit. While you might not can help overhearing the occasional tid bit of dirt on the receptionist, it doesn’t mean you have to contribute.

Before long, that first day will be behind you and you’ll know the intricacies as well as anyone else. Until then, take a deep breath and jump into this new career that you’ve chosen.

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