Sunday July 21, 2024

Find a Job – How Not to Find a Job

You will find numerous articles on the internet on finding jobs. But the paradox is that most of us those articles with such a mindset that actually works against your chances to find a job in reality! Here are some top tips to sabotage your chances of finding a job. Statutory Warning – Follow them […]

PR Jobs – Top Ten Opportunities in PR

All types of companies have to depend on a public relations department for the publicity and the popularity of their business in the market as well as amongst the clients. In fact, The PR jobs specify that the personnel in this department have to form bridges between different types of media that are related to […]

Law Firm Jobs – 7 Steps to Landing a Great Law Firm Job

There is a lot of competition in the job market these days. This is the reason why you need to be careful and must be ready to face the challenge. These days’ legal jobs have become one of the most popular jobs. People who are interested in this kind of a job must be a […]

Verizon’s Legal Eagles Speak

Earlier today, Verizon Wireless, based out of New York, finally agreed to provide refunds to millions of its customers; refunds that will likely surpass the $90 million mark.   While this is good news for Verizon customers, A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and president, says many are questioning why it’s taken more than two years for […]

Statistics on the Federal Level

Looks as though the difficult times have affected even the judicial system on the federal level.  A recent Slate editorial reveals just how deep the cuts are. A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder, says this could prove problematic in ways many haven’t even considered. For instance, of the 850 lower court federal judgeships, there […]

The Sweet Side of Leaving the Legal Profession

With shocking news coming down this week regarding the potential loss of more than 17,500 jobs in Big Law firms, it appears one woman has cut her losses and left behind her law degree for the opportunity to hit it big with America’s sweet side. Even better, her risk has paid off as quickly as […]

Finding Government Jobs in Houston on

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Skip College? Really?

In what’s sure to become a controversial article, James Altucher, wrote in a recent article that there are seven reasons parents should not send their kids to college. The reasons make sense, to a degree, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder, but there are still many reasons a college degree is the […]

Fitting In When You’re the New Hire

There’s only one thing as stressful as finding yourself without a job and that’s finding yourself with a job – a new job, that is. It can be both exciting and disconcerting at the same time, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder. That doesn’t mean your blood pressure has to rise and […]

The 5 Best Careers for the Creative Minded

Each of us have some degree of creativity, some just happen to have a broader streak than others. The beauty is when a creative soul finds a career that allows him to make the best of his strongest abilities. Graphic artists, writers and fashion designers come to mind. But what are some of the other […]