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If there’s been one common denominator in the past few years that links us all, odds are, it’s the lack of job security. We’ve seen managers fall who we knew would be in their positions long after we were gone and with each tumble, it raised the alarm for others to wonder, “Who’s next?” So how do you cope when you’re running on nothing but silent prayers and faith in an uncertain economic future? We asked A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of for his advice. Barnes has spent years providing insight and advice to lawyers, secretaries, presidents and warehouse workers and all others in between. He’s well-respected and his insights are always trusted. Keep reading for his thoughts on the lack of job security and how the right mindset can free you from the frustrations, worry and stress.

For many, they began their careers with one company and progressed up that same company’s ladder the entirety of their career. They did so with a mutual sense of loyalty – the employer, fully aware of a good worker when they had it and an employee who took pride in a job well done. Those days are a thing of the past, though. Today, a college graduate is apt to change jobs four times, and possibly more, over the course of his working years. There are many factors that go into this new career mindset, including outsourcing, downsizing and of course, the rapidly advancing technology.

The best way to deal with a lack of job security is to be prepared. A proactive approach is always better than one of a reactive nature. Not only that, says the founder, but when you feel prepared, you’re less likely to stress. Your goal is to cover the bases as much as you can and then knowing when you’ve reached the place where it’s out of your hands. This means staying current with the latest technology, focusing on your financial cushion – which is the three months of your current salary put aside for the unexpected, says A. Harrison Barnes, and keeping your resume polished and ready to kick into action should the need arise.

Believe it or not, staying healthy plays a big roll in keeping your stress levels in check. Exercise, as we know, is the cure-all for many of life’s ailments. A positive attitude helps, too, says Barnes. Crazy as it sounds, sometimes the best approach is the one that requires the least amount of hoopla. In the case of dealing with the lack of job security, you might be surprised at how well you cope if you make up your mind that you’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got. If you do fall victim to the dreaded layoff list, knowing it means something better is out there can sometimes be the right motivator that helps you move forward – even when you want to hold the sofa down and catch every episode the Law & Order marathon while playing the ‘woe is me’ role. Nothing’s forever – including recessions, unemployment and yes – even those Law & Order marathons (trust us – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to watch all those reruns after you’ve secured your new job).

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