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The University of Notre Dame, one of the world’s most renowned law schools, offers a Legal Aid Clinic where second and third year law students receive academic credit for providing pro bono legal services to both non profit organizations and individuals. Overseen by the Notre Dame Law School faculty, these specially chosen students take “hands on” to a new -and impressive – level. A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder of says programs such as these benefit the communities they’re located in and the law students who need the experience, as they will soon find themselves looking for the right law firm that will allow them to put to use their legal educations.

Many of the law firms listed with look favorably to those recent graduates with experience such as what the Legal Aid Clinic provides Notre Dame students. It is an exceptional way new lawyers can test the waters while determining which area of the law they want to specialize in and just as importantly – those areas they wish to steer clear of. While it’s true Notre Dame’s legal aid clinic focuses many of its resources to those who lack the necessary funds to secure representation for any number of legal matters, it reminds those involved that a lack of financial means does not mean they deserve any less than a client with millions of dollars set aside for his legal representation. A. Harrison Barnes agrees. He spent a considerable amount of time during his career’s infancy in pro bono cases and says the experiences made him a much better attorney. “It’s those life lessons I learned shortly after law school that continue to serve me well to this day”, says Barnes.

Even if you’re not attending Notre Dame, check with your law school; you may discover there are similar scenarios available that will allow you to do good work. Many discover they want to continue in some capacity even after they have begun their new legal careers. There is never a shortage of people who need exceptional legal representation but lack the money to pay for it. It’s good for your soul, it’s good for the legal system and it’s good for those clients you serve.

Once you’ve graduated and passed the bar, consider as your one source for beginning your new law career. Whether it’s a bit of help with your resume that just won’t flow right or if you’re looking to relocate across the country and are wishing to see what the job market looks like on the east coast, you can find all the answers to your questions on Be sure to browse the extensive database of articles. These articles address everything from dressing for the resume to gracefully declining an offer of employment extended to you to tips on how to answer those awkward questions interviewers love to ask.

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