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Real estate lawyers are professionals who represent the interest of sellers, buyers or rentals. They provide all information related to a property to the buyer, seller or tenant. The main work of real estate lawyers is to protect the rights of their clients in very efficient and cost effective manner. The law related to this field is a documentation of purchasing or selling properties for commercial or residential purposes. The rules and regulations are different in each country and jurisdictions of the country.

The Market Condition of Real Estate Lawyers

The lawyers in this field of law experience a constant growth and the number of jobs is expected to increase in the near future. The real estate market is one of the top most businesses in the country. Buying and selling of properties goes on and on. Any kind of monetary transaction related to the buying and selling of a property includes a huge amount of legal paper work to be done. These are documentations that are handled by a legal professional who has a complete knowledge in real estate. If anything goes wrong in this process, you need to assistance of a real estate lawyer. Always consult a reputable attorney says A. Harrison Barnes.

Basic Requirement to Become a Real Estate Attorney

In order to become a real estate lawyer, you require spending 3 years in a law school after the completion of a 4 year college degree. A. Harrison Barnes informs that the real estate attorneys require a license to perform any task in this field. This can be obtained on graduating from a certified law school. They can either work as a solo or become a partner in a law firm. Apart from this, the lawyers need to complete the regular Continuing Legal Education, also known as CLE.

Role of a Real Estate Lawyer

The job of a real estate lawyer is divided in two parts – The transactions in the trade of a property are structured in every facet of law, and when things do not work accordingly, the attorneys litigate the disputes.

In general the real estate lawyer’s work includes:

• Description of the property • Dealing with any kind of fraud • Disclosure necessities • Prepare trust documents • Act as a trustee of passing the property to the buyers • Handling mortgages • Prepare property purchase contract • Prepare lease agreements • File the application and represent the client in court • Provides guidance to the buyers or sellers or rentals • Handling tenant and land lord matters or financing and refinancing matters • Dealing with foreclosures

The lawyers who deal with the litigation of real estate law are required to settle real estate transactions that were incorrect or inappropriate. The transactional real estate lawyers prepare and review legal documents, discuss the terms and conditions. They perform every other work that requires a successful real estate transaction. All the real estate deals are controlled by Common law, State statutes and Federal statutes informs A. Harrison Barnes, an experienced lawyer who is now the owner of BCG

The real estate lawyers even specialize in various areas that can be fraud due to mortgage or disclosure, land use, property division, Purchase of commercial or residential property, sales and lease transactions of the real estate. According to A. Harrison Barnes, the real estate lawyer’s job is great for people who love solving puzzles and rejoining broken transactions. Their work includes reviewing and solving every issue related to the trade of a property.

Salary of a Lawyer in the Real Estate Field

The lawyers belonging to this field have high salaries which allow them to live in a comfortable lifestyle. The starting salary of a real estate lawyers ranges from $35,000 up to $160,000. The salary completely depends upon the location and the law firm you are associated with. There are even attorneys who own their law practice and manage to get $150 to $600 every hour. Even this depends upon the location, as well as other factors like demand in the Legal Market and the experience of the lawyer. But when compared, A. Harrison Barnes says that the law firms bestow more salary to their employees than the lawyers who work as solo legal practitioners.

A Few Tips to Hire Real Estate Attorneys

A. Harrison Barnes says that one must be careful before choosing a real estate lawyer. You can ask your network of contacts for a good real estate lawyer. You can even opt for the referrals from State’s Bar Association or from local real estate brokers. Did you consider calling a local realtor association that can refer you to real estate lawyers?

Once you have found a suitable lawyer, prepare a few questions you need to ask them before continuing any dealings with him or her. Ask the attorney about his or her hourly charges and an estimated time required to complete the work.

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