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One red-hot legal specialty is immigration law. It’s also a hotly debated political issue these days, too. Immigration lawyers are those who work to gain legal entry status for non-residents while also representing them in other legal issues that are part of the American structure. The E-Verify process, part of the Obama Administration’s solution for avoiding the possibility of illegally hiring non-citizens, has received mixed reviews since its unveiling. Many insist it’s ineffective while others say if it is, then it should be scrapped in its entirety until a better solution can be found. Law firms are working double time in an effort to attract immigration lawyers and even those lawyers who specialize in civil rights.

This is an important historical time and those lawyers who opt for this specialty will play a significant role in how the country will look years from now. It seems as though things change on a daily basis. A. Harrison Barnes mentions the recent rescission by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security regarding the no-match rule that was instituted during President George W. Bush’s administration as an example. The Social Security Administration was required to notify employers when employees’ names were not available in databases and did not match the provided social security numbers. From there, it became the responsibility of the employer to conduct an investigation into where the discrepancy was. Failing to find that discrepancy meant employers must fire employees, many of whom the employer had already invested time and money in training costs, relocation costs when applicable, drug testing, etc. It was both time consuming and expensive for companies, especially when the recession’s affects were factored in.

Now that the original no match rule has been replaced with e-verify, many had hoped for a better process; unfortunately, lawyers have argued in courtrooms across the country that it too is flawed and serves little, if any, purpose. It appears the stage is being set for major upheavals. A. Harrison Barnes, founder of says that while it does appear more changes are in store, it’s important to also keep it in perspective; after all, this country was built on debates, improved policies and even those less than ideal scenarios when the solution brought forth more problems.

“This means the need for immigration lawyers will begin to surface on and other job boards in the legal sector” says A. Harrison Barnes. While there have always been law firms looking for job applicants in this focused specialty, Barnes and other career coaches say it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Throw in political motives and things can get heated in short order. Whether it’s the e-verify program or the no-match rule, you can be sure there will continue to be emerging solutions that will likely be fine tuned to include the best features of several proposals from both Republicans and Democrats. This too is another American tradition that has served us well over the years.

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