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All types of companies have to depend on a public relations department for the publicity and the popularity of their business in the market as well as amongst the clients. In fact, The PR jobs specify that the personnel in this department have to form bridges between different types of media that are related to the company so that the company can be focused in front of the people and presented in the most suitable light to make sure that more and more people consider this company for their business.

Since the PR jobs fulfill so many different specifications, it is absolutely natural that it is divided into many types of sectors that focus in different parts of the job. Therefore it is under the PR jobs that we would find the communications jobs, the marketing jobs and even the journalism jobs.

In fact, if we considered the top ten opportunities in PR, we would find that each of these sectors have different types of demands for different types of people that would fulfill specifications that are very particular. These top ten opportunities is would certainly contain different types of journalism jobs that are closely related to the public relations department of every company. Many popular companies have specific corporate communications department that handle the relations that have to be maintained with the different types of media in which the companies are advertised. Sometimes there are also some products, services or even the company’s new branches that are launched and these launches are basically popularized by the different types of media. It is therefore necessary that the representative of the company that handles jobs of this sector should have a working knowledge of the journalism area. They should also be able to write suggested and popular press releases for the company because sometimes the media requires the public relations personnel from the company to notify them in this area.

Again, the marketing jobs are also a part of the public relations department of the company. In case the marketing jobs are not directly under the public relations department it is always necessary that they work very closely together to form the perfect type of hype that is required to popularize the company and the product. Therefore, many marketing jobs specify the different profiles that are also consistent and common with PR jobs.

The communications jobs are more concentrated towards the company’s corporate communications. The opportunities in this sector are related to the company’s relations with the different clients and financers. Entry level PR jobs are very important launch pads for fresher. Sometimes PR jobs also create indirect opportunities in the accounting, finance and even the advertisement sector. This is amazingly helpful in creating various employment opportunities in the same company for different kinds of people. Every job specification is unique and yet each one is interdependent. Many people prefer to start out in the PR department in the beginning so that they can get a working knowledge about each of the field that is required for corporate companies’ proper machination.

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